Get to know best-selling author, Dr Frank Ryan

  Frank Ryan



Frank Ryan is a consultant physician in the UK as well as being an innovative evolutionary biologist, who has introduced the concepts of aggressive symbiosis to virology, and the concepts of genomic creativity and the holobiontic human genome to the story of human evolution.  His major scientific interest has been the pioneering and development of the concept of viruses as symbionts, thus bringing together the disciplines of evolutionary virology and symbiology. 

Co-author of the ground-breaking The Eskimo Diet - which pioneered the modern importance of the omega-3 story - he recently revisited this area of special expertise to write The Brain Food Diet, which broke new ground in outlining the importance of the omega-3 to omega-6 balance in normal brain function and disease.  Others of his books include  Tuberculosis:The Greatest Story Never Told, which was welcomed with considerable acclaim globally, and Virus X, which changed the way we view viral evolution.  World in Action and Horizon based programs on Frank's books and his tuberculosis book, renamed The Forgotten Plague, was a non-fiction book of the year for the New York TimesVirus X also received outstanding reviews in the New York Times and The Washington Post's Bookworld, and his Darwin's Blind Spot created interest in academic and lay circles, leading to Frank being elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.  In the UK, this book was chosen as Book of the Month for May 2004 on and in the US it was the book of choice for Charlie Munger in 2003. 


In 2009 HarperCollins published his groundbreaking Virolution, which provoked a great deal of interest in scientists and lay readers globally. It has been translated into French, German, Japanese, and Russian. It was supported by eight scientific papers in leading medical and biological journals and was the subject of a feature article, written by Frank, in New Scientist.   In 2011 Oneworld and Chelsea Green published Frank's new book Metamorphosis/ The Mystery of Metamorphosis, in the UK and US respectively.  This is also provoking a great deal of interest and was a feature in New Scientist.


Frank's books have been the subject of many TV and radio documentaries and have been translated into many languages.  He is also an occasional reviewer of books for the New York Times.




Frank is married with two children.  He is an entertaining speaker, which has helped to make him popular with the live media, professional colleagues and lay audiences alike.