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Accesssory Chapters for Metamorphosis (The Mystery of Metamorphosis)



Metamorphosis was written for an intelligent lay reader. But perhaps inevitably, during his researches, Dr Ryan covered a great deal of ground, some of it a little technical for a non-scientific reader. In particular he wrote two entire chapters for a more scientific reader that could not be included in the printed book. But these chapters are enclosed here as a courtesy to his more scientifically minded readers and are available for free download. Please not that these have not been professionally edited.


Click here to download fee pdf file of the two accessory chapters, "Uncertainty and Confusion", which explains in detail some of the prevailing scientific concepts of metamorphosis, including details of Scanadanavian biologists, Gösta Jägersten  and Claus Nielsen, and "A Brooding Starfish", which discusses the work of American biologists, Larry R McEdward and Jonathan Cowart.


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